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A Couch Jockey's Guide To The Illuminati - Articles Surfing

Still waiting for the New World Order? Do you scan the manipulated news media's headlines daily for hints that CIA or United Nation led stormtroopers are ready to land on your doorstep? Is your shotgun cocked and ready to take aim at Illuminati mercenaries hiding in your bushes bent on hauling off your kids to their white slave sex farms that provide child prostitutes to world leaders? Paranoid? You should be. All your fears are real. But it's too late. The New World order has arrived. In fact, it's been here for years.

Welcome to America. The last bastion of freedom and democracy? Hardly. While you may suffer from the delusion that you and the other lemmings in this country actually have freedom or some say in who runs this government, you couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is an elite monopoly of power brokers decide the policies of this country, and you my fellow Americans merely get to vote on which personality gets to implement those policies. Democrat or Republican? They both play for the same team, and you lose.

Am I some nut job conspiracy theorist? I wish. If I were, I could write books about all the facts you readers are too lazy or stupid to wake up and realize...and make a million. Hell maybe I could then join the cabal of power brokers. Instead of copping dope on a street corner, I could just have it flown in and hand delivered by my own CIA financed drug dealer. Maybe I could even score a nice little time slot on talk radio sandwiched between Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Maybe I'd even get a chance to tap into that hot little number Ann Coulter. Maybe.

A conspiracy theorist I am not. However, my grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason so I know a lot of very hip handshakes. And my ancestry on his side can be traced back to Scotland, where my forefathers were forced to hide out from various kings and popes bent on wiping them off the face of the earth. Yep, great great great grandpa was a Templar. No I don't know where our treasured is buried, so don't ask. However I am quite certain it isn't on the back of the Declaration of Independence as some Hollywood conspiracy would lead you to believe.

I am simply an assembler of facts. I ask not that you belive anything I claim. I simply ask that you look at a few facts that you somehow forgot, or overlooked while scimming through the pablum of big media news. Once you do this, you will realize the Democrats and the Republicans are the SAME party. And if you only have ONE party running a country, then you are not living in a democracy. You are ruled by one centralized group. Isn't that what the New World order is all about?

Case in point: George Bush Jr is Bill Clinton and vice versa. All the liberal and conservative debates about our little war in Iraq is just a smoke screen to cloud the real issue. It's just a ploy to make you think you have a choice in the matter. You don't. Who you vote for in the upcoming election will have no impact on any policy foreign or domestic. Now for the facts. Can you name the president responsible for the following actions:

1. This president ordered the largest and longest sustained bombing attack since the Vietnam War, on Iraq.

2. This president ordered air attacks on Iraqi intelligence centers in response to Iraq's alleged assassination plot on George Bush Sr.

3. This president signed the Iraq Liberation Act. In doing so, regime change in Iraq became OFFICIAL US foreign policy.

4. This president mounted a non-UN sanctioned four day air strike on Baghdad.

Let it be noted here that the president in question cited the reason for doing all of the above due to Iraq's failure to comply with the terms of UN weapons inspections. That president was Bill Clinton.

It is obvious to me, and should be to you, that despite all the liberal rhetoric condemning Bush, Georgie's administration is only following the 8 year policy on Iraq of the Clinton administration. The difference is zero. The reason the for this is because Clinton and Bush, as are all other American presidents, are merely personalities used by the elite ruling class...the Illuminati if you will, to manipulate public opinion so they can implement their foreign policies designed to make them richer. Whether they bash each other publicly or pretend to disagree with each other...NO ONE can deny that their policy on Iraq was identical.

But our story of George Clinton and Bill Bush continues. Remember the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan Clinton ordered bombed for producing chemical weapons? Sounds like Bush does it not. Remember Clinton's Kosovo War that came about on claims, later to be proven exaggerated, of ethnic cleansing? Sounds like Bush?

You see, it doesn't matter who your leader is in America today. Both parties are merely media whores for the secret cabal of the wealth merchants whose sole motivation is power and getting richer. Be it a liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, your needs and interests are no longer served. Your government has been quietly taken out of your hands (if it were ever in your hands) while you sat there flipping through channels on your remote control or surfing porn sites on your computer.

This isn't a conspiracy theory. This is a wake up call. Put your beer down.

Submitted by:

RC Edrington

RC Edrington is a freelance journalist and author. His online sites:edrington.blogspot.comedrington.spentmeat.comspentmeat.com



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