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I have said before that I detest the slaughter of animals because it is tantamount to Racism. I hold an incalculable hatred for Affirmative Action, though, because it is Racism! To this Affirmative Action -- does it not lift value off of the shoulders of courage and skill and put the value on the shoulders of skin color and race? Does it not discourage intellectual development and foster ignorance? Is it not a source of cruelty, denying what rightfully belongs to the deserving, handing over the jewels of opportunity to the undeserving? Is it not responsible for hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of qualified students and workers losing their scholarships and jobs, just because they are not a certain race, a certain color? Is it not also responsible for putting in unqualified workers, as well as bolstering anyone who has been inadequate or unskilled in a job, simply because of their race? Affirmative Action is a so-called equal-rights program, but it hardly is even based on the equality of the rights of men! If a person loses their job to a minority because of Affirmative Action, who in their sane mind would look this over as being in opposition to Racism? It is an absurdity and a bruise on the face of liberty. When I ask if Affirmative Action is responsible for promoting the unskilled and demoting the skilled -- that is, to say, debauching merit, neglecting virtue, abhorring passion, in return for loving vice, harnessing inexperience, promoting ignorance -- when Affirmative Action is responsible for all that is destructive to the true nature of equality, it can only be called an institution of Racism, a gross code with injustice as its nature, and cruelty as its fundamental.

Of what breed of man can be proud to take such a job? It is the epitome of shame to claim that you are the student at your university, or the worker at your job, because of your race. Is there any merit in genetics? One may run faster, be built taller, or have a particular shade of skin color; yes, these are the facets of genetics. But are these truly any method for judging a man? The reasoning behind Affirmative Action argues that race is of no value concerning jobs and scholarships. Yet, the very foundation of Affirmative Action is to discriminate on race! It does not uphold the theory that men and women should get their jobs on their skill, nor on their merits. It defends the theory that race is a significant factor, that one's own value as an individual and a worker is irrelevant, and it is this foul doctrine of Affirmative Action that what a man cannot control -- his genetics -- is more important than what a man can control -- his knowledge, his skill, his ambition, the substances of individuality and the fuel of acheivement.

Some will argue that it is a form of equalizing, that Affirmative Action is here today to level off the damage done by European-owned universities and jobs that refused jobs to African humans. This is tantamount to saying that Racism is brutal and inhumane -- an belief that men are not equal and not all are deserving of liberty -- and then, after stating such of Racism, it concludes that the best action now is to engage in the very practice of Racism! It is equivalent of offering bread to those who are full and neglecting those who are starving, to watering a tree that is submerged underwater while neglecting a flower in the desert, to building a home for the kings of the world, who are unscathed by the vehement nature of weather, and ignoring those who have no roof to sleep under? Would any man deny air to one who is suffocating, in favor of giving it to a man who is well in supply of oxygen? Only an insane or sickly sadistic person would do so. In the same fashion, I ask, who could support this abomination called Affirmative Action? Does it not also give what belongs to the deserving to the deserving? To simplify, does it not also embrace the shroud of inequality and injustice?

There are others who still boast of this great equalization movement. They claim that they are giving opportunity to those who never had opportunity, jobs to the jobless, food to the hungry. But this is a lie, and a debasement of truth. Giving quality to people means giving them all equal education, an equal chance to be efficient, the will and ambition to be a good person. It does not mean the luiqidation of equality or the absolution of liberty. Affirmative Action ignores the parts of society that could be improved. Its advocates are not working to improve schools, nor are they working to improve universities or hospitals or worker's and consumer's rights. They are not improving the condition of the minorities by giving them what they need to be good, productive members of society. Instead, they simply place unqualified and incompetant members into jobs in society and seats in universities -- not because they are smart, not because they are qualified, not because they are an exemplary product of education, but entirely because of their race! I could, in part, excuse Affirmative Action if it offered social services to the minorities. That is, if they offered them aid in learning skills and trades. But even if they did that solely to minorities, they would fall to the same corrupt hypocrisy: aiding one race instead of the whole of humanity -- holding limitations on how far justice and charity can go. Instead, however, Affirmative Action hos gone to the point where it is a deterent to productive society, to a happy population. It has put unqualified people in jobs that they are incapable of managing, it has firing qualified people from jobs that they could manage. It is the debasement of equality. By "equalizing" society, Affirmative Action puts minorities into work and universities when they are undeserving on the sole grounds that they are minorities. It is absolutely and appallingly ridiculous that such a practice can even ex!ist, and can even be instituted into the government!

If it had true aim when it came to improving society, it would help the weak and the poor, the uneducated and the ignorant. There would be no one race that needed improvement. Charity does not have selective vision. It does not seek out one gender, one color, one religion. Its net of kindness is cast out over the whole of all creation; any being capable of suffering is not handed over to the carelessness of inhumanity. Affirmative Action, however, does not work as such. Instead, its vision is very selective. It can only see colors. One man is not a person of intellect and passion, a lover of virtue and a hater of vice -- he is simply a color: white, yellow, black, or red. To the other nature of men and women, Affirmative Action is unconcerned. As long as Affirmative Action sees only the colors of men, sees only white and black, -- as long as this profane institution wishes give jobs to men and women who are unskilled, but fitting a certain racial background, -- vision and truth will always be blurred and justice will forever be unacheivable.

After engrossing itself in the delusion that all men are all equal in every aspect to the same degree, Affirmative Action's efforts engage to destroy equality and embrace iniquity. By putting incompetant people to work at jobs and under-educated students to learn in universities based on their ethnic background, we are doing a grave injustice to equality. Affirmative Action does not see the weaknesses of people, it does not see that people may be unskilled no matter what race they are. It abhors the scientific fact that men are all different, in all fields. So it labors on, giving jobs to those who are inadequate and positions to those undeserving, because it focuses on the color of one's skin rather than the merits of their character. Affirmative Action strips every piece of bark from the tree of liberty and then poses as the model of truth and knowledge, only degrading the existence that equality ever had.

I detest Affirmative Action because I detest Racism. One is not the solution to the other, but rather one is the form of the other. Affirmative Action manages to commit multiple crimes against humanity. It forces hard-working individuals out of their jobs to be replaced by someone else who is inadequate, for the sake of race. It gives important jobs and scholarships to unworthy people instead of those who are deserving, for the sake of race. It denies the very principles of equalities, ignores the individual, upholds iniquity; turns a blind eye to the nature of the human being -- it speaks of diversity as though the word only means the color of one's skin; it does not accept the fact that every living, breathing human is a conscious being, each with their own set of skills and fields of knowledge, each with their own degrees of efficiency in those areas. It is for this reason, that Affirmative Action is unfair and an injustice -- a calamity on the globe of freedom -- that I detest Affirmative Action.


For Life,

Submitted by:

Andy Carloff

Punkerslut (or Andy Carloff) has been writing essays and poetry on social issues which have caught his attention for several years. His website www.punkerslut.com provides a complete list of all of these writings. His life experience includes homelessness, squating in New Orleans and LA, dropping out of high school, getting expelled from college for "subversive activities," and a myriad of other revolutionary actions.



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