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"But for how long ? !" We send our brave men and women off to fight in a foreign land, while we allow certain anti Christian government officials to little by little chip away and remove the vary "GOD given" freedoms that we sent them off to defend!

We allowed the BIBLE to be removed from our public schools while we allowed the" theory" of evolution to be forcibly taught to our Children we look at incidents like Columbine and we hear a woman who's lost a child in a school shooting say GOD how could you let this happen ? YOUR ANSWER : YOU SAID GOD WASN'T ALLOWED IN SCHOOLS ! It's now more easily done to sneak guns and explosives into a public school , than it is to read a Bible there , and the A.C.L.U. won't file a law suit for bringing a gun or bomb to school , but they sure will if you bring a Bible.

The American justice system , in the court room you are asked to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth , "SO HELP ME GOD !"on the BIBLE , while The Ten Commandments have just been ordered out of the public court ."The same principles that you were just asked to swear to tell the truth by !" With the removal of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on which the American justice was based , and our great country was founded ,YOU have just allowed the hope of all justice to be removed from the American court room !

When I was in school , we were taught to be loyal to our country .We stood shoulder to shoulder as young Americans, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance , the way it was originally designed , ONE NATION UNDER GOD , for those of you who don't remember . " GOD & A FREE COUNTRY" That's what our brave men & women of the armed services are fighting and dieing for !

There are only two ways to be , right or wrong . So if we are in the right ot send our men & women to fight for our "GOD GIVEN FREEDOM", isn't it there fore wrong to allow them to remove the name of GOD from public view ?

The agenda of the A.C.L.U Is to make the USA reflect a non - believers view of the nations founding and future existence. They have filed suit to have our national motto" In GOD we trust" removed from our currency , One Nation Under God removed from the Pledge of Allegiance , The white cross war memorials removed and the grave markers In all government cemetery's such as Arlington will surely be in their line of fire as well .

The Ten Commandments Moses was given by God has been forcibly removed form all most all of the government buildings and our government must reflect a non religious atheistic view in all public places . Why are they so ashamed of their GOD given freedoms ? That was the heritage the fore fathers wanted to pass on to all future generations !

Down through out all history we read of the sacrifices that our ancestors made as they fought and died to keep all of us free . George Washington ordered his troops to daily , begin the day by gathering all officers and troops together and praying . Praying for Almighty God to make them victorious in battle,and for the safety of the men.

The First Continental Congress filed a motion in 1774 to pause for prayer to ask for support and guidance following a report of the British invasion of Boston . The prayer was formed from Psalms 35 in the Bible .

A national day of fasting was initiated by congress to ask Gods forgiveness for sins of the American soldiers committed in the war . Church services were held in the U.S. Capitol building which Jefferson attended and the U.S. Marine band supplied the music at tax payers expense . Church services were also held in the Supreme Court building for many years .

Separation of church and state means , The government was never to force any single religion to be recognized as a nationally chosen or federally controlled , as it was in England . Instead , it was to recognise the practice of many different religions and not prohibit the exercise of it . In short , the government was to stay out of the church's business , but not for church to stay out of government .

Freedom of religion is an amendment in the Constitution of The United States which stated that Congress was to not make a law for or against the practice of any certain religion,or to restrict the practice of it .

If we let the A.C.L.U. Full fill their objective of the total removal of God from our nations motto , our songs , our currency , our Pledge , our cemetery , our national monuments , Then we have lost some of our Freedom of speech as well as our Christian rights . That may as well be minority rule and not what the majority of Americans want.

With out the influence of Judaism and Christianity , this nation will morally decay . And if it is silenced for ever publicly , our children will have no idea of their heritage , where it came from or what it means to have God given Freedoms as an in alienable right endowed by their Creator GOD.

There has to be a difference between right and wrong , and where do we think we learned the difference in the first place ? It always returns to what the American Justice system was based upon , The Ten Commandments . And who gave them to us ? GOD ! And so , since we recognize that , then why is it that when something is morally wrong the A.C.L.U. Is the first to file suite to defend that instead of what is right ?

They also want to diminish the legal distinction of the traditional family ( one woman one man) as ordained by God . This undermines morals even further . They have made remark to the legal age of sexual consent to be lowered to 13 or 14 year old children . "YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK !" That's right, federally funded . We are paying them to do this, whether we like it or not , whether you're a believer , or non - believer .

People , it's time to wise up , before it's too late ! All of us Believer or non -believer , enjoy the freedom this Nation has to offer , and we can all happily live here together . It's not yet to late to reverse the damage that has been caused . If we continue on the path of removing God from America , Why should He continue to bless it ? And None of us may even want to live here if HE doesn't bless it . It could turn into another Iraq , where the war is in YOUR back yard !

But then, I'm a man who believes that there is a God who created us, loves us ,and wants us to love our neighbors as our selves . And what could possibly be wrong with that concept ?

Editor monstermall1.com published 2-17-2006

I'm Alan W Duckworth , I write for http://www.monstermall1.com, where we supply a a mixture of community services

Submitted by:

Alan W. Duckworth

Alan W. Duckworth

GOD, Family, writing, and my hobbies are what is most important in my life .



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