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America's Goliath, IRS code sec 501(c)(3)? - Articles Surfing

Has anyone noticed all the hoopla recently about the non profit status of the church? Many have become concerned. It seems that ministers have not read this code. The censorship in this code, is in regard to election campaigns. During election campaigns a minister is not allowed to say anything for or against any candidate from the pulpit.

Ministers and the media have not even mentioned this point in the news. The rest of the year ministers could be educating their members about issues and candidates. It is a loop hole that ministers are not even aware of. It seems most ministers keep their mouth shut all the time, because of their fear.

The truth may be, according the First Amendment; it would be illegal for the government to censor the church anytime.

The church was sound asleep in 1954. The church compromised their integrity and gave up their First Amendment right of free speech by not speaking out against this code. They did not use their First Amendment right of redress of grievances.

Many ministers call their non profit status a blessing because they are not taxed on offerings and property. Members can deduct their giving on their annual income taxes. This no tax on the church was the historical norm before this code was foisted upon the church. Is this IRS code really a curse on the church and America?

The truth is the church does not have to give up their right of free speech. They have believed the lie that their faith has nothing to do with their vote.

Many ministers cite that Jesus told His followers to be subject to the government. The Roman empire was a dictatorship. America is a government by, of, and for the people.

Separation of Church and State has been twisted into a lie. It has caused Christians to cast their vote with no thought of their faith. Many Christians have sold their vote for economic reasons. Ministers have perpetuated this lack of knowledge by keeping their mouth shut. Ministers covet their non profit status. They are afraid to speak up for fear of losing their profitable business ministry.

For the most part, ministers are not aware, because they inherited this Gold Ring from their forefathers of 1954. Aspiring ministers are elated when they achieve non profit status. What they don't perceive is; non profit status is just a rusty Iron Ring. It is a compromise of their integrity and has been part of the reason for the moral decline of America.

Most ministers say the moral decline started in 1961, when the government took prayer out of the public school system. It really started in 1954. It started when one Senator secretly convinced all of congress to censor the church with IRS code sec 501(c)(3). It was a tyrannous act performed without notice to the American people. This code is "smoke and mirrors" to hide the fact; they wanted to censor the largest group in America and prevent themselves from being fired. This censorship enabled elite politicians and elite capitalist to further their greedy agenda against the American people.

Christians might do well in reading carefully the First Amendment and IRS code sec 501(c)(3). Eighty two percent of Americans call themselves Christian. This fact horrifies the minority non believers and they are doing everything they can, to keep the majority ignorant.

Can this American Goliath be defeated? Are Christians waiting for some young man with a sling and a rock to defeat him?

A revolution of the church in America is emerging. If politicians don't pay attention they might lose their job. The Democrats and the Republicans might become the political parties of the past, if they don't get this right.

It might be too late. Businesses use feed back and criticism to refine products and services. They know this will make them more successful. When the church is criticized; they scream touch not the anointed. This is partly why, only approximately twenty to twenty five percent of Christians are in church on a regular basis.

Is this the opinion of just one raving idiot? Stay tuned America, only time will tell. We are in the Information Age.

Copyright (c) 2006 Randall Fisher

Submitted by:

Randall Fisher

I was born in 1951. I have worked as an electrician, co founder of a karate school in 1969, a certified locomotive engineer in 1974, some experience in business and sales. The last fourteen years writing a book. My email is rjfisher@cffnews.com.

Our website is http://www.cffnews.com



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