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Can A True Christian Vote Democrat? - Articles Surfing

As I contemplate this question, I cannot help but think of the metaphor of 'The frog and the kettle of boiling water'. If you try to throw the frog into the kettle of boiling hot water, the frog will immediately try to jump out. If, however, you put the frog in the kettle with water of normal temperature, the frog will just swim in it. If you start raising the heat very gradually, the frog will stay there and boil to its death as the temperature rises over a long period of time.

What has that got to do with the voting habits of a Christian? Everything, I am afraid. During the first 150 years of this country, the political waters were just fine. The government limited itself to the issues of national security internationally and the enforcement of law and order domestically. Then the temperature began to rise, ever so slightly. Franklin Roosevelt introduced the 'New Deal'. He decided that it would now be the job of the government to take care of the senior citizens. To secure jobs for all citizens. It sounded like such a worthy cause. It made one feel good to support such an agenda of great fairness. It warmed the heart of every evangelical, catholic and every Christian of any and every stripe. The democratic party that came up with such a great idea, became so entrenched in the controls of the government, that those evil republicans who opposed feeding the poor in favor of enriching the rich, became the anathema of every decent self respecting Christian American.

What has happened to the republican party of the 30s, 40s and 50s? It does not exist. The most conservative of conservatives today is far more liberal and to the left of Franklin Roosevelt himself. The Republicans had to move towards embracing the ideals of social engineering or become irrelevant as a political force. As soon as the 'New Deal' became a part of the American conscience, the liberals raised the heat. It was time for Johnson's 'Great Society'. The war on poverty gave unending waves of warm fuzzies to Christians of all stripes. The democrats secured a death grip on all political power so what did the Republicans do? Again they had to adapt or become more irrelevant than they were already.

Did the temperature stop rising? Not on your life! By now Washington had total control of the financial state of the citizens. It was time to dictate what people can believe in and what they can say. The liberals were ready to take full advantage of the power they had put in their hands through the abominable system of taxation that they had perpetrated on this society, under the pretence of taking care of the poor. It was time to remove any and all expression of faith in God from the public square. Did the deceived Christians catch up with what was going on? Sadly, the answer is no. Even when the liberal began to champion the wholesale slaughter of the most innocent and helpless of our citizens, the liberal 'Christians' continued to rationalize with every conceivable lame excuse and twist of logic they could find. All because they were unwilling to part with the waves of warm fuzzies that their ideas of social engineering kept giving them.

At this point you might wander, What was wrong with the 'New Deal', what was wrong with the 'Great Society'? I could go on for pages on end arguing the points but instead of that I propose a different approach. The wisest man that ever lived is quoted as saying 'By their fruits you shall know them'. What have been the fruits of all the social engineering we have engaged for about 80 years? The institution of marriage has gone from vibrant to obsolete. The educational system has gone from the envy of the world to an engine of illiteracy. The morals that produced the type of soldiers who fed their defeated enemies in Germany after WWII have given way to morals, which have produced soldiers that gave us Abu Graib.

Need I go on? The frog is indeed about to boil and these 'Christians' still try to hang on to the warm fuzzies even when one of the most abominable practices, according to their own Bible, is championed by the liberals as a life style to be not only accepted but indeed, celebrated!

Can the Republican party save America if we give them our vote? I am afraid it is too late for that. All we can hope from the Republicans today is to slow down the rate of corruption. As it has already been pointed out Republicans had to follow the democrats leftwards in their attempt to stay competitive. When the citizenry loves the lie, the people who can even make it to political office are the ones who are comfortable with that lie. A true statesman cannot exist today because a true statesman will be laughed out of town before he even attempts to run for political office.

But let's answer the original question. ' Can A True Christian Vote Democrat?'. Answer: A deceived Christian can vote democrat. But then again, deceived Christians are the rule of this country's political life. They are not the exception. http://www.propheticanalysis.com

Submitted by:

John Douramacos

John Douramacos is an Internet author who is interested in Bible prophecy and wholistic healing. Find out more at http://propheticanalysis.com.



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