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Another Look At Satan's Synagogues And Those Who Must Play Therein

Based On An UnResolved True Story

The Names Michelle and Officer Ryan have been changed to protect their safety. With the exception of a typographical error, all known names are given. Genders have been changed.

A little lady named Michelle grew up in a home of a respected American family and enjoyed a middle-class status. None of her family members ever endured the shame, humiliation, and indignities that Michelle was about to suffer except those of a distant past generation who had survived or died in the Holocaust.

Michelle lived in the rough and tough city of Oakland, California. She couldn't handle all the drug or gang related activities so she moved to Napa, California to have a better life. Soon after that, Michelle met the most handsome police officer she had ever laid her eyes on. This encounter occurred on a 911 call. Michelle fell in love at first sight.

As Officer Ryan drove Michelle to the hospital in the front seat of his squad car he seemed to be leaning over on the arm rest nearing her. Michelle's heart was beating with so much joy that she forgot why she was going to the hospital.

While Michelle was being examined by the physician, the officer stood by writing his report. All that she could think about was how dashing he appeared in his uniform. Her heart was surely skipping beats. The physician was oblivious to Michelle and Michelle was oblivious to Officer Ryan.

Within a few weeks, Michelle tried to call Officer Ryan. But, he was a rookie involved with his career. He needed to stay focused. Pretty soon Michelle started pestering him for a date. She had never been in love in all her life and she was getting a little impatient. Officer Ryan spoke to criminals, drunks, and other undeserving people. If only he would have just said a few nice words in respect, her life would have been much different than what it had become today. As a result of Michelle's love for Officer Ryan, she landed herself in a mental hospital and diagnosed as suffering from psychiatric injuries. The Oakland life was too much for Michelle to handle and it had broken her down.

Michelle dreamt about how Officer Ryan would become the greatest police officer there ever was and how she could become the greatest lawyer there ever was. A year went by and Michelle had an opportunity to go to law school. After she graduated she opened up her own successful paralegal business hoping that maybe someday she would be fortunate enough to bump into him. It was inevitable in the small city of Napa, California. And, because they were both Pisces, they enjoyed many of the same activities.

Whenever Michelle encountered Officer Ryan, he gave her mean glares that drove spikes into her heart. She wanted his approval so much and only wanted what was best for Officer Ryan and his dreams. It never worked out that way. He only saw the worst in Michelle and never noticed anything good about her.

Pretty soon Sargeant Mandy started to compete for Officer Ryan's love. Sargeant Mandy was the kind of person who reveled in other people's pain and suffering. She made a hefty sum at it too! As a special awards from the City of Napa, Sargeant Mandy could fly off to Florida to play golf with O.J. Simpson. She has since been awarded with an honorable retirement.

During the days of her tenure, she would put up a dartboard in the narcotics department and antagonized all the officers to throw darts at targeted suspects. She conducted office stag parties with blow up lambs and all kinds of 'employment related' festivities. Of course, other officers had a shallow understanding of right and wrong and followed the leadership of Sargeant Mandy.

Now, Officer Ryan was a serious kind of guy and he didn't want to become involved in that sort of nonsense, so he stood his ground solemnly. As the years went by, his integrity covered up the few errors he had ever made. His level-headedness made Michelle's respect grow for him even more. The only thing that made Officer Ryan upset was when other people talked about him. He has that complex to this day. Michelle always thought that he was so handsome when he'd get mad. She had a hard time trying not to antagonize him by laughing.

Michelle had learned from her mistakes and begun to understand that in order for her to receive the love that she so desperately needed and had petitioned to G-d for (At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1976 and 1978), was that she would always have serve Him first no matter what. G-d indicated to Michelle that He was going to have to refine her as gold in the fury furnace of fire. She would be made to understand that it was possible the enemy would have such a stronghold that she would not survive it because she would lose faith.

Sargeant Mandy and her associates were too powerful and Michelle would never be given the chance to earn Officer Ryan's respect nor anyone else's either. Any relationship that could ever be developed would never have the slightest chance for what the United States Government was about to put Michelle through would terminate her life as she had ever known it. Michelle would be exposed to mysteries of wickedness that were incomprehensible beyond human understanding.

Sargeant Mandy didn't care about the little people in the city of Napa, California. As far as she was concerned, everyone was a criminal. All that she cared about was money and making her quota. She wore a big Jewish Star and proclaimed her Jewishness by blaming Michelle and others of anti-Semitism. Sargeant Mandy would throw all kinds of stuff in front of Michelle's home. Rotten potato Latkas, blinzes with raspberry jam, squash kugel, and chopped liver. Michelle thought that this was her Jewish way of inviting her over for dinner. Instead, Sargeant Mandy used the thugs in the neighborhood to make her clean it up.

Sargeant Mandy's course of conduct was so becoming to the Superior Court Judges of Napa County, California that she was able to convert these judges into believing that Michelle was a national terror and a danger to society. The authorities passed such horrible slanders and libels around Napa that it destroyed her business and her relationships with her family and friends. They terrorized everyone by telling people that she was a threat and to not associate with Michelle. As a result, Michelle had to isolate herself in order to endure the pain, suffering and massive anxiety that has led to conditions of torture by the American people.

When Michelle and her two babies were ran out of town, Napa City Police Sargeant Mandy left her jurisdiction and stalked Michelle to another county. There she influenced others to be on the lookout for the little lady and mother of two. Michelle and her babies were a danger to society and sinister criminals who deserved to be 'put away' forever.

After Sargeant Mandy declared a national emergency, they took Michelle into custody and the Napa County Superior Court Judges placed her onto a High Control Risk category and prison environment by libeling her as a sex offender. They had pronounced a death sentence on Michelle. They took away her minor children, ages 3 and 5, and sold them to adoption lawyers who earn hefty sums marketing blue-eyed Caucasian children of such ages to rich barren parents and other Americans who are blind to the ruses the U.S. Government is capable of.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government did not appreciate the little lady from Timbuktu telling the mean spirited misogynists that they were in violation of, inter alia, international human rights. So, as a result, they maliciously disapportioned her share of a $400,000.00 inheritance from her mother's estate and Michelle was forced to tolerate starvation, homelessness in subzero weather, survive severe hostile living environments, physical and emotional abuse and battering, while she being placed in other vulnerable situations. She did not having any other choice but to confront her civil rights. This was because, inter alia, Michelle did not particularly care to be subjected to or be compelled into prostitution.


The U.S. government, however, became bent on destroying Michelle's integrity and credibility. They locked her into abject poverty so that no one would believe her and would think she was a just another crazy woman.

After more than 18 months in prison, Michelle found herself banished and exiled to Lassen County, City of Susanville, State of California. At first, it appeared she had found a nice quiet apartment to begin her life by going back to college, opening her own horse training and horseshoeing business. But soon, she found herself living in the midst of tenants who moved into the Coldwell Banker properties. Dirty old men, sexually active drug addicts, and thugs and groups of street bullies who were continually beating the living daylights out of Michelle. These actions were endorsed by the U.S. Government because of her sex offender status.

As thirty honest, decent, and dedicated citizen witnesses were subpeona'd to Court on behalf of Michelle, the Superior Court Judge in the Lassen County Court* told all the witnesses to go home. (Michelle was the one to be prosecuted in criminal and civil-landlord/tenant proceedings that included a U.S. Federal Post Office mail fraud that Michelle claimed as extortion.* as a result of the beatings) Their testimony was 'irrelevant' in regards to the deterioration of Michelle's health and violations of peaceable enjoyment of the premises now being occupied by the Coldwell Bankers tenants in the little town of Susanville, County of Lassen, State of California.
* There is no longer a doubt in Michelle's mind that she understands and believes that it was a United States Federal Judge who setup these malicious scams.

* (appealed to Federal Courts and dismissed)

While other Americans have enjoyed the comfort of a career, family, friends, and ordinary lives, Michelle has been attacked unrelentlessly from the various State and Federal government agencies continually and all at once. They have increased the status level of sex offender decree so that the torture level would eventually terminate Michelle's life through the use of massive anxiety. Thus, her death could pave the way for 'brilliant' legal scholars of the future who could establish and set legal precedent in the United States Supreme Court to exonerate bona fide sex offenders.

This was because Michelle ran around the United States informing everyone and blowing the whistle on what their government was capable of, how the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and original Amendments are no longer valid, and how the Tyrants were now in the Order of Dictatorship, a job that would not take very much persuasion if the People were to review a simple document and the subpeonas on: http://www.bullysurvivor.blogspot.com.

Finally, after Michelle fled the State of California to Oregon, authorities stalked her down to prosecute her for a three year old case that was supposedly resolved. They demanded that she attend 20 hearings in the State of California.

Towards the end of the 20 kangaroo hearings, the 'public defenders' from the U.S. Government promised Michelle Amtrak tickets to help with travel costs for 'further proceedings'. The tickets never arrived. She was promised airplane tickets to help with travel costs. They never arrived. The trickery landed Michelle in a filthy Sacramento jail for 'failure to appear'! (They knew that her complaints would lead to the building of a new jail-See the jail of Napa County!)

Finally, Michelle received her last hearing in The United States Federal Court-Eastern District, in Sacramento, California. Michelle was asked by the presiding Honorable Judge whether her 'plea bargain' in "THIS CASE" was being entered into the record voluntarily.

Michelle pointed out the fact that she was unsure whether her plea was voluntary as she had lodged over $600,000.00 of applications, complaints, preliminary injunctions, petitions, motions, etc. and other records, documents, and photos lodged in his very court that included accusations of violations under the RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) that included: Relating To Interference With Extortion; Relating to Obscene Matter; Relating To Robbery; Relating To Obstruction Of Justice; Relating to Obstruction Of Criminal Investigation; Relating To The Obstruction Of State Or Local Law Enforcement; Relating To Tampering With A Witness, Victim, Informant; Relating To Engaging In Monetary Transactions In Property Derived From Specified Unlawful Activity; Relating To Peonage and Slavery.

Accordingly, the presiding Honorable Judge threatened Michelle by indicating that she could be mentally institutionalized as a result of her declaring the above facts. The Honorable Judge was about to violate her First Amendment right (Freedom of Speech)!

How a simple charge of one misdemeanor* violation of a Temporary Restraining Order (never valid in the first place) rising to the level of a high control risk sex offender and now to Federal level offenses evolving within 10 years cannot seem to be ascertained.
*Michelle is still not sure if it was the chrunched up piece of paper, the merry Christmas balloon, or the sea shell Sargeant Mandy found in front of Officer Ryan's home that all of these actions originated from.

We know this though, the more Michelle tried to confront the court systems with her skills as a graduated law student, the more the U.S. Government ignored her pleas for help, dismissing her, inter alia, appeals under the 8th Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment) and preliminary injunctions under the Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA). As U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow puts it 'handing down one of those rulings all the time'.

As the forms of U.S. Government sanctions were taking place, the foster agencies shifted Michelle's sons from foster care to foster care knowing that confusing them and distorting reality, would be in the 'best interest of the children'. They reprogrammed the innocent minds of her children by teaching them how to destroy animals, how to break the toe of a foster parent, and how to pit one neighbor against another. They told them what a terrible mother they came from, how she didn't care about them, and how she abandoned them.

The U.S. Government had authorized agencies to instruct Michelle's children how to steal and never to return, how to offer pathetic, shallow, and empty apologizes that numb the soul, how to pit one neighbor against another, and how to become real men by destroying helpless women knowing that all these actions combined will lead to the authorized use of experimental drugs for medication use on children who come from poor vulnerable families and are removed from the custody of the parents. Thus, the experimental medications can be approved and endorsed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for regular use.

U.S. Government representatives told her sons and others that Michelle would win lawsuits, awards, and lotteries. When Michelle disappeared, everyone thought that she was off in Tahiti and the Bahamas on a yacht cruise ship sipping Margaritas while in reality she was languishing in a mental institution, jail or prison somewhere. (A form of retaliation for revealing the true criminal elements of our national legal system.) For years, representatives of the U.S. Government have used this ploy and ruse to persuade the public to just 'go along with it!' (Some people didn't need very much persuasion at all as they had been born with natural sadistic tendencies.)

Witness after witness has stood by silently, helplessly and in horror as they have watched the U.S. Government flout the law, rob and destroy all of Michelle's 'constitutionally protected activities' that others have enjoyed the same. Every self-employed business that Michelle has tried to start on a shoe-string budget to earn a crumb. The U.S. Government always finds a way to interfere, ultimately finding some way to shut her down and drag her through, yet, another atrocity of injustices. http://kinispolarbear.bravehost/bully1.html

For a decade of years, Michelle has proclaimed that these agencies have used massive amounts of unrelenting anxiety to cripple and destroy Michelle through direct and indirect sources. Yet, again, during the vulnerability of Michelle's life, on or about August 3rd 2006, Michelle received authentic looking letter through the U.S. Postal Service, that more likely than not, (given the above history and the failure to exonerate and pay damages) came from some Honorable U.S. Federal District Judge. Another ploy to use on sickened Michelle who, known by authorities, is in a state of vulnerability.

Desperately needing to recover finances for living essentials and important health and medical necessities suffered by hardships at the hands of her captors, it appears Michelle won a Lottery!

A check would be mailed to Michelle in the amount of $2,500 for which she should take to her bank, Pacific Crest Credit Union in Klamath Falls, Oregon, wait until it clears, than Western Union the funds (through her bank) to a person, named Mary Phillips at 304 Park Ave, South 11th Floor, New York, New York, 10010. A call was to be made to Linda MICHAELS at 1-905-966-5527, Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm (ET) to inform her of the control number.

Who could Michelle trust? Snubbed by the American people for so many years, Michelle desperately needed to escape the pain, suffering, and hardships. She had to believe her luck was changing. When the check arrived, watermark and all, from a Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, she deposited it into her account only to find out her bank, Pacific Crest Credit Union in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was scammed by a fraudulent activity that Michelle would now have to be accountable for. Another relationship destroyed!

The bank, on Michelle's behalf, claimed it was an innocent mistake, that it would be written up as a loss, and that the loss would only be added to Michelle's credit history. (Little does the bank know, that once the report hits the feds, it is more likely than not, that Michelle will again have to spend more prison time on whatever the Honorable U.S. Federal courts can concoct.) Another unjustifiable excuse to legally terminate Michelle's integrity, credibility, and existence for her role in revealing what dangerous white collar criminals the U.S. Department of Justice maintains in office.

While the years disintegrate Michelle's life and the other lives of bully survivors, who the United States Government knows are not guilty of heinous crimes that they are being blamed for, the U.S. Government never grows weary. They continue to gloat and receive taxpayer money to attack Michelle and other poor and middle class persons with their employed bully tactics.

While fresh, new, energized, young, student District Attorney's, officers, agents and other henchmen (who will one day take the place of the mean spirited misogynists), apply the use of such tactical strategies with the blessings of American State Bar Associations, shrouds of darkness by Congress will continue to endorse, certify, and cloak the deceptive display openly and publicly, to flout the law, scam the innocent, attack them from every agency, to build more prisons, to continue and maintain the cycle of legacy from youth offenders to the return of the damaged broken lives of the criminal 'recidivist' and their families who are now serving more than the 'State and Federal mandatory guidelines of sentencing'.

Together they may continue to dream of our 'future' and ways to deceive, capture, prosecute, and destroy the lives of the poor and middle class people and their families who only want to make a honest decent living, who are not interested in becoming attorneys, who do not want to learn the basic fundamentals of the Constitution that no longer exist, and who are deceived into paying court costs and fees only to have their applications and appeals for social justice rejected and dismissed.

While honest American citizens have their focus and attention diverted and distracted by the war in IRAQ, we will, and only then, can ignore the Al-Qaida living in the very heart and midst of America. That through such described said actions as above, we can pretend it is all for the sake of 'Anti-Terrorism'.

As Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said with his little dog, Fala:

'They (Who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers'Call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order.'

Copyright 2006 and All Rights Reserved

Submitted by:

Kini Cosma

Kini Cosma is an Attorney support and research specialist. She helps with public self-help appeals for social justice and liberties. Kini is currenly active in wild horse preservation, companion/service animal definitions, workplace trauma, and global networks for the home office.



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