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George Bush Is This One Truth Away From Total Popularity In America - Articles Surfing

The President of the United States is one truth away from 99% popularity in the United States of America. Right now he is like a hockey player standing in front of an open net in a tie game with the clock winding down refusing to shoot the puck into the open net for the win. With his distortion of one truth he is shooting himself, the Republican Party and the people of the Western World in the foot. His reluctance to tell this one truth could lead to the fall of the Western World just as the Roman Empire fell to the Barbarians.

Five years after 911 on national television President Bush is still fudging this one simple statement of fact. He continues to tell the American people that the war on terror is a fight against a fringe group of radical Muslims who are perverting the peaceful religion of Islam. The truth that could gain him total popularity and rally the Christian Western World behind him is this:

The Holy Scripture of Islam is the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran. When the Prophet Muhammad spoke of the people of the scriptures, the books, he was referring to the Jews (The Old Testament) and the Christians (The Old Testament and the New Testament). The Koran is the Muslim Holy Bible sent from God, Allah, to the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago. The Koran is followed as the word of God by all Muslims.

The Koran Chapter Sura 9:29-30 states clearly to every one of the 1.3 billion Muslim men, women and children on Earth, 'Make War on the Christians and the Jews...Do battle with them!' 'Kill those who join other Gods with Allah wherever ye shall find them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush: but if they shall convert to Islam then let them go their way.' (Koran Sura 9:5) For this you shall be rewarded with eternal paradise in Heaven with Allah, crystal clear streams, 72 virgins, wine without side effects, and the Garden of Eden forever. (Koran Sura 56). The Koran clearly and expressly commands all of the 1.3 billion Muslim people on Earth today to engage in Holy War, Jihad, to conquer the world for Islam, for Allah. (Everyman, The Koran, Translated from the Arabic by J.M. Rodwell, J.M. Dent, Orion Publishing Group, London, 1994).

Two days ago on 09/11/2006 Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda deputy Ayman al-Zawahri released another Al Qaeda propaganda videotape. It said, "Among the devout group which responded to the order of Allah and the order of his messenger (the Prophet Muhammad) were the heroes of Sept. 11, who wrote with the ink of their blood the greatest pages of modern history," he said, referring to the hijackers who flew the planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center'.

It is the plan of the Muslim world to use 2/3 of the world's oil, in the Persian Gulf, to build and purchase thousands of nuclear weapons with which to conquer the world for God, Allah, Islam on these express orders of God, Allah in the Koran. The Muslim people plan to choke off the American oil supply and choke off the American economy and nuke America into the ground. 911 was the first shot to hit America on American soil. The Taliban, Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Shiite and Sunni Iraq are all part of the world wide Muslim Holy War for world domination by Islam being carried out right now on the direct orders of the Muslim God, Allah, to every Muslim man, woman and child right in the Koran. Forewarned is forearmed and as long as President Bush keeps you in the dark about what is actually going on in the world you don't stand a chance.

Despite the truth, President Bush continues to tell the American people that the war on terror is a fight against a fringe group of radical Muslims who are perverting the peaceful religion of Islam. The truth that could gain him total popularity and rally the Western World behind him is this: The war on terror is a war on mainstream Islam and 1.3 Billion Muslims who are united in their quest for World Domination just like Adolf Hitler went on a mission to conquer the world for Germany and the white skinned blue eyed human beings.

President Bush knows all of this. This is why after 911 he announced that he was launching a Crusade. This is why he is calling the war on terror a war on Islamo Fascists. The goal of the Muslim world is to slaughter every non Muslim person on Earth until the Muslim Imams control Earth for Allah and Muslim law is the law of the entire world, including multiple 9 year old virgin wives. The Muslim people are coming at you right now and they are thrilled to give their children and their lives for this cause because if they die in the battle then they are guaranteed eternal paradise. Their gateway to Heaven is to massacre in cold blood every single JonBenet Ramsey. Their goal is to burn down every Church, every Synagogue, every Buddhist Temple, every Hindu Temple and forcibly convert the world to Islam.

If President Bush would just tell this to the American people then the Republican Party would not be drowning in false criticisms like: The war in Iraq is not part of the war on terror. This is not a war on terror. The Christian United States was viciously attacked on 911 by Islam, by 19 Saudi Arabian Muslims, 20 if you include Osama Bin Laden. The war is a war of self defense against Islam. Iraq is a Muslim country. Saddam Hussein was a brutal Muslim dictator giving $25,000 to the families of every Muslim Palestinian suicide bomber. He had and used chemical weapons of mass destruction on his own Kurdish people. Saddam built nuclear reactors but Israel bombed them.

Why won't President Bush tell the truth that all Christians are in a world wide fight for their lives and the lives of their children against Islam? Ask him. Then ask yourselves why the Western media isn't trumpeting this truth from the headlines of every media outlet. Are they choking on their own sophistication and political correctness? Is it a hate crime to say that a religion of hate is a religion of hate coming to get you? The truth happens to be a complete defense in any slander and defamation action, and whatever happened to freedom of expression especially when you need the whole truth to save your life and the life of your children? How is Islam even legal now in the Western world? Haven't the Christians and Jews read the Koran commanding their deaths and the deaths of their children and grandchildren? George Bush is this one truth away from total popularity in the United States of America and the Western World: 'Islam is attacking Christianity world wide and every other religion and seeking world domination for Allah and they will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.' If you are unaware of your problem then you have no motivation to solve your problem.

Submitted by:

Karen Fish

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California.

The Temple of Love http://www.thetempleoflove.com



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