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Hillary, Republicans and Oprah Oh My! - Articles Surfing

It may look bleak for Republicans in the 2006 election, but the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008 will once again motivate Republican voters to get out the vote. Many will call it the most important election of our time and with good reason. It will be the first time in American history that a woman has a legitimate chance to become President of the United States. People on both sides of the political divide will be turning out in record numbers.

Although Hillary has been portraying herself as a moderate for the benefit of the upcoming election. She is still the poster child of liberalism in the minds of a majority of conservatives. Many who were of voting age in the 1990's will remember Mrs. Clinton's proposed plan to socialize medicine during her husbands presidency. Just the idea of it raised the dander of Republicans and Libertarians alike causing them both to fight it tooth and nail until it was defeated. Mrs. Clinton will steer far away from anything that can be painted as "socialized" this time around, so look for a massive spin campaign before the launch of any of her proposed national policies.

Hillary Clinton has also become the face of partial birth abortion. She voted no on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. That bill sought to ban partial birth abortion except in situations that endangered the life of the mother. In a 2000 Senatorial debate in Manhattan Mrs. Clinton said "I have said many times that I can support a ban on late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected." . But She failed to prove that statement when she voted no on the bill that would make that a reality. In addition, Mrs. Clinton has a 100% rating by NARAL which indicates a viscous pro- abortion voting record.

There is also no doubt that Mrs. Clinton's statement about stay at home mothers will be brought to the publics attention once again. In July of 1992 she said 'I could have stayed home & baked cookies & had teas, but what I decided to do is fulfill my profession.'. This statement will be used to show that she is a career woman who has little regard for stay at home moms and the more traditional role of women. This will play big in the red states. I predict that to soften her image, she will do a touchy feely interview on the Oprah Winfrey show. She might even put on some make up.

Then there is the obvious issue of who her husband is, former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton will become a big part of the 2008 presidential campaign. He is loved by Democrats but scorned by the Republicans who will bring all his past sins to light once again. This will turn into a long drawn out and nasty battle. Everything the former President has done will once again be on display for the American people to judge. Just the prospect of Bill Clinton being the 'First Husband' will bring droves of conservatives out to the polls.

Although the thought of a Clinton presidency will be the driving force of conservatives for the 2008 election, there is still one variable that should be figured into the equation. The climate during that election cycle will be so nasty that any body that is not sold out to one of the two major parties will be so fed up with smear politics that any viable third party candidate will be seen as a breath of fresh air and will surely rob votes from both parties.

This may end up being a defining moment for third parties such as The Constitution Party and Libertarian Party. Wether or not they will be able to field a viable candidate remains to be seen. Where's Ross Perot when you need him?

Submitted by:

Raymond Kish

Raymond Kish is a husband, father, former Marine and proud American who is tired of seeing American citizens being sold out to the lowest bidder. http://www.believeinamerica.com.

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