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Politics and Government Articles Table of Contents Part 3 - Free Articles from ArticleSurfing.com

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Survival of Pakistan in Danger
Russia Number One In Weapons Export?
Save our Overseas Senior Carers
School Boards Should Protect Students From Inappropriate Relationships With Teachers
SCOGOSTOLOGY-POLITICALOGY: Jewish Support Crucial For Obama's Nomination And Victory In General Election
Security Classification Primer
Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) Claims Wanta Allegations of Stolen Trillions "Erroneous"
Sept. 11th ABC Movie - Historically Accurate
Sheik Palazzi warns President Bush and PM Sharon
Shipping Containers for Emergency Housing
Should We Worry About Immigrant Assimilation and Education?
Sicko - The Future of American Healthcare
Sigmund Freud's Nephew and Corporate Alien Control
Since Katrina, the Environment Is Front-Page News
Sirius Remembers September 11 in 2005 with commemorative events
Six Thought Provoking Questions
Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead
Smoke And Mirrors
Socialism in the United States
Social Security BullShit: A Socratic Discussion with a Texas Cowboy at McDonald's
Social Security Rant
Social Security Staffing Errors
Solving Social Security: Fire the Politicians!
Some Friendly Economics For The Nuclear Energy Booster Club
South African Traitor Sells Story
Speaking at Local Government Meetings
Spin Cycle
Stage Being Set For Mid-term Election And The Stock Market
Starving The Beast At Social Security
State of Veterans Care!!
Still Another Look At Global Warming
Stock Research ' Republican Congress In Hot Seat
Strategic Leadership
Supreme Clowns
Supreme Court Justices Unethical Behavior?
Taking Political Discussions Seriously
Taliban Infiltrates South Dakota Legislature
The 2006 Mid-Terms: Coyote Ugly ' what really happened!
The Anarchist Versus the Statist
The Arrogant Path To Extinction
The A-Z of Global Warming: Deforestation
The Balance of Lives
The Bitch and Bad Vibes! UK News Review
The Bitch and the Emperor's New Clothes!
The Bitch - and Xmas!
The Bitch, a Betrayal, and some Bandits!
The Bitch! A Weekly Review of UK News
The Bitch Battles for Britain!
The Bitch, Being Gay, Blackpool Pride, and Binge Drinking!
The Bitch, Boys Called Mohammed, Bad Logos, and Booze!
The Bitch Is Back! - UK News and Events Reviewed
The Bitch is Back! UK News Review
The Bitch Labours A Few Points!
The Bitch: Many Nails, Many Coffins - A Budget!
The Bitch: Once We Feared The USSR!
The Bitch, Some Bugs, and A Bomb!
The Bitch: Suburbia - and the Barking Mad!
The Bitch, the Bad, the Bugs, and a Bottle of Dettol! A UK News Review.
The Bitch, the Budget, and a Book! UK News Review
The Bitch, the Darkness, the Kilts, and the Coppers! UK News Review
The Bitch, the Snow, and the Rapture! UK News Review
The Bitch: What, No Scantily Clad Pool Boys?
The Blessing of Society
The Blogs the Borg - Six of One Half Dozen of the Other
The British Governments Attempt To Save The Planet
The Canadian Political System
The Center for Consumer Freedom: CCF Posts Stirring Defense of Food Freedom
The Cuban Cigar Embargo
The Discrimination Laws need to cover ALL US Citizens
The Dubious Immorality Of Online Gambling
The Energy Crisis : Headlines in the 60's and 70's
The Environment: A Global Overview
The Fight to Keep Online Poker Legal
The Greening of America's Cities
The Gun Control Debate
The Inertia of Power
The Killer For Our Country
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt.26: Wanta Story Not Over By A Long Shot; $4.5 Trillion Still To Be Released Into U.S. Economy
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 10: Who Gets Last Laugh In Wanta Story?
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 11: Bush Illegally Blocks The Wanta Plan And $4.5 Trillion Settlement On Behalf Of Americans
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 12: Finance Chairmen In House And Senate Refuse To Comment On The Wanta Plan
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 13: AmeriTrust Treasurer Verifies Docs Behind $4.5 Trillion Wanta Deal
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 14: Bush 'Preparing the Way' to Release $4.5 Trillion in Repatriated Offshore Funds to AmeriTrust
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 15: Bush Stalling 'At 12th Hour' Wanta $4.5 Trillion Deal To Improve American Economy
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 16: Bush and Fed Fail to Honor $4.5 Trillion Wanta Deal to Better American Economy
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 17: A Recap of the Explosive Leo Wanta Story
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 18: Some Said The Old "Wanta Horse" Couldn't Run But An Old Horseman Dropped Odds To 8-5 That He'll Cros
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 19: Americans and "People in the Know" Speak-Up About The Wanta Plan
The Leo Wanta Saga Pt. 1: 'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'; Wanta Is Legal Trustee Of Funds On Behalf Of The American People
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 20: Next Few Days Critical In Whether $4.5 Trillion Wanta Money Repatriated For Americans
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 21: Ambassador Leo Wanta Provides Key Update On $4.5 Trillion Earmarked for American People
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 22: Human Interest Element of Ambassador Leo Wanta Story as Important as $4.5 Trillion Earmarked for Am
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 23: White House Still Not Talking about $4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt 24: Disturbing Twists and Turns in Release of Wanta Money and $4.5 Trillion for American People
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 25: No Release Yet of $4.5 Trillion of Wanta Funds Earmarked for the Benefit of the American People
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 28: White House Said Will Release Wanta $4.5 Trillion "When We Are G... Damn Ready!"
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 29: Is Ambassador Wanta Being Used as a NWO Patsie?
The Leo Wanta Saga Pt. 2: The Story Of The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man Heats Up As Another Dead Body Allegedly Found In Swiss Bank
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 30: Wanta $4.5 Trillion to be Released, But When and Under What Terms?
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 32: Average Americans Speak Out About Wanta Trillions
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 33: Arctic Beacon Editor "Goes Public" With Threats and Harassment Over Wanta Story
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 34: Wanta Dealing With Austria Now For Release of Trillions. What Happened to the American People?
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 35: More Articles and Information Surface About Leo Wanta's Past
The Leo Wanta Saga Pt. 3: Americans, If You Want To Save Your Republic, Get Behind Leo Wanta
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 4: Former Ambassador Who Met With Vince Foster Days Before He Turned Up Dead Claims He Was Murdered
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 5: Leo Wanta, Sent To Arrest Rich, Tells What Really 'Went Down' In Switzerland
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 6: The $27.5 Trillion Dollar Man Still Trying To Recover U.S. Funds
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 7: Former Ambassador Leo Wanta Getting 1.575 Trillion Of Stolen U.S. Funds Back To Treasury
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 8: Wanta Explains Details Of Massive 4.5 Trillion Dollar Recovery In Monies Allegedly Stolen By Bush And
The Leo Wanta Saga, Pt. 9: President Bush Aware Of 4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement But Arrogantly Hides Deal Indicating Complicity
The Leo Wanta Sage, Pt.31: Close Associate of Wanta Verifies His Story
The Leo Wanta Sage, Pt. 27: Wanta Confident $4.5 Trillion Will Be Released As Corrupt U.S.Authorities Backing Themselves Into A
The Macro and Micro Worlds of Thea Alexander
The Math of the Aftermath
The Mike Huckabee Factor
The More Things Change
The Philadelphia Experiment: New Evidence Surfaces 4
The Port Fiasco - It's a GOP Trick
The Position Of Suicide Terrorism In Terrorism
THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance-Part IV
The Protectionism Delusion
The Reason There Can Never Be Peace on Earth
The Reporter Pays a Call On The Foe
The Rights of Squatters
The Rights of the Guilty - A Treatise on Crime and Punishment
The Right To Die Should Be A Personal Matter
The Science of Science!
The State of Canada Before The Next Federal Elections
The Supreme Court-Eminent Domain-A Conundrum
The Supreme Court: Past, Present and Future
The Thirty-Two Teeth Smile
The True Axis of Evil
The Ultimate Way To Stop Global Warming
The Unknow Facts About Global Warming
The Wavering U.S. Economy and a Few Suggestions
The West Should Step Out Of The United Nations
Third World Debt - A Solution
This Is Not Your Dad's Republican Party Anymore
Thoughts on the Current Immigration Mess - August 2006
Tony Blair Concedes Defeat
Tony Blair on Genetically Modified Food Debate
Top 10 - Proven Oil Reserve Countries
Top World Leaders Working Together To Destroy America
To Serve - or Not
Tribute to Gore Vidal on His 80th Birthday (Oct. 3)
Turning of the Tide?
Turn Your Environmental Protest Into Action
UK News reviewed by The Bitch! (a weekly column)
Unique Approach To Voting During The Upcoming Election
Up and Down the Bush Philosophy
Ur-bin Legend
Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign
Using Radio Advertising Effectively in 2006 Political Campaigns
US Army to Probe Pat Tillman's Death
US Elections: Why Are The Democrats Courting Evangelicals?
US Immigration Services
Venezuela: Environment and Economy
Venezuela: Oil, Gold and Foreign Affairs
Venezuela: Politics and History
Vote None of the Above
Wahabism the Evil roots of Muslim Terrorism
Wal-Mart Helping the Little Man
Wanted: And It Had Better Be Alive
War and Peace
War, What is it Good For
Watch What You Say!
Weird Smoking Laws
WE THE PEOPLE... What Does It Really Mean?
What's Holding China Back?
WHAT'S RIGHT ABOUT NEBRASKA? How the Dems. Lost the Heartland of American Populism
What If?
What Would We Do if All the Illegal Immigrants Left?
When Rules Fail
When the Levee Breaks, How Many More Fuel Increases Can We Take
When We Help Immigrants, We Help Ourselves
Where Are The Leaders?
Where Money & Politics Meet
Who Is Al-Qaida? -Fast Moving War On Terror-Prep 101
Who Is Al-Qaida? -Fast Moving War On Terror- Prep 101
Who Is Bob Miller?
Who Is Playing The Race Card?
Who Really Hates Our Freedom
Who Yields To Their Influence?
Why Are Americans Treated Differently in Japan?
Why Does Anyone Listen to Politicians?
Why The U.S. Should Help Illegal Mexican Immigrants
Why We Are So Frustrated
Why We Need A Culture of Preparedness
Will Climate Crush Society?
Will Yitzhak Rabin's "Bloody Shirt" Defeat Shimon Peres Again?
Won't Medicare Pay for Our Long Term Care?
World War 3 | Nostradamus Prediction when shall it be
Would Illegal Immigrants Register for Guest Worker Visas?
Youtube - The Left Wing Lapdog Of The Internet
You Are Being Politically Manipulated
You Pay for Customer Service

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